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An exciting announcement!
1 minute read

Hello everyone!

A week has already passed since the launch of Obsydia and of being in
open-beta, how exciting! That being said, thank you uys for giving
our humble little project- and us!- a chance.

Firstly, we hope that we, as a community, can grow together and
create a fun, inclusive space for everyone to enjoy themselves in.

Secondly, our staff applications will open in exactly 25 minutes!
We're hoping to find a good fit for one helper position. The
applications will be open until this sunday, so don't wait too long if
you're interested in applying!

And last but not least, we want to give you a little insight on what's
to come in the near future. Noobi and I are working hard behind the
scenes, think: events, rewards, crate re-doins, etc. Aside from that
we are also working on an additional way to gain money for you guys,
something we've mentioned quite a few times before: quests!

Our discord has a suggestions channel, so please don't hesitate to
write anything your heart desires in there (relevant to the server, of

That was it for this announcement. Thank you guys so much again
for believing in us, and let's make the most of our time together from
here on out!


Click here to get join the Discord!

Click here to get to the Staff Apps!

Graves Update
Graves Update
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Server Introduction
Server Introduction
Hello, everyone! Let’s start off with an introduction, shall we?   We are NoobDeFlo and Otsuzero, two adults that have been working non-stop on Obsydia for the past 3-4 months. We originally joked about starting a server, since (as most people...
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