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Welcome to ObsydiaMC rules page!
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1. Chat rules

A. Disrespect
This includes general disrespect, bigotry, homo- and transphobia, racism, sexism, hate speech, general toxicity and threats of any sort.

We will execute a zero-tolerance policy on any of the above mentioned subjects with no room for discussion. As a community, mutual respect goes a long way. As an addition to this, begging for ranks, items, … is also forbidden.

B. Advertising
Advertising other servers (both minecraft and discord) is prohibited. Promoting your own server and/or social media accounts is also prohibited, this includes private messages between members of our community. Advertisement of any of the above mentioned subjects through the auction house, books, signs, renamed items or builds is also punishable.

Advertising your stream as a streamer is of course allowed (with the exception that your content is server-related at the time of advertisement)

C. Inappropriate discussions
Controversial subjects such as drugs, illegal activities, self-harm, religion, politics and any sort of sexual content are not permitted in general chat. You are free to discuss these things in a private chat if all participating parties are comfortable with it (such as party chat and /msg).

D. Swearing
Swearing is allowed on the server, as long as you do it in moderation and it’s not meant as an attack at another player (i.e ‘fuck this’ is okay, ‘fuck you’ is not. Even if you’re friends, others might take offense to it so it’s best to leave that specific type of joking to private chats).

E. Spam
Spamming is not allowed, both concerning chat messages and command spamming. An unnecessary amount of caps use is also prohibited. Misusing commands to contact staff will result in punishment as well.

F. Languages
When talking in global chat, please use English only. We want to make sure everyone is able to understand each other and so that staff knows if something is up! Feel free to talk any other language in private chats.

G. Impersonation
Pretending to be someone else (either in-game or in the discord) is forbidden. If you see someone doing this, report them through a support ticket in our discord. Do not try to solve the issue yourself to avoid possible punishments.

H. Punishment discussion
Discussing punishments, be it your own or someone else's, publicly is not allowed. If you have any issues with a punishment, please contact a staff member. They’ll be more than glad to explain the situation to you (this only includes your punishments. Staff are under no circumstances obligated to explain someone else’s punishments to you).

I. No staff impersonation
It goes without saying you shouldn’t impersonate anyone (see rule G), this includes staff members.

Trying to help out is absolutely fine and even encouraged, however, if you’re unsure of the answer to something or the question is not aimed at you, it’s better to leave it to someone else!

2. Gameplay rules

A. Alt accounts
Using alternate accounts on the server is prohibited. This is to avoid giving players an advantage in jobs, kits, vote rewards and mcmmo. If someone on the same IP adress as you also plays on the server, please let staff know.

B. Scamming
Scamming is not allowed. This includes lying about things you are selling (price wise, quantity, ...), agreeing to a trade and then not fulfilling your part and taking someone's money and not giving them what they paid for. Scamming techniques vary, therefore staff will decide whether or not something will be treated as a scam if it is not one of the above mentioned scenarios.

If you report someone for scamming, make sure you have enough evidence as possible to prove that it is true, otherwise there will be no refund/action taken.

C. Lag-inducing machines
Using any type of lag-inducing machine/bug to make the server or a player lag on purpose (farms, flying machines, books, ...) is strictly prohibited.

D. Punishment evasion
Attempting to avoid punishment (bans, mutes, ...) by using alt accounts, signs, books, renamed items and using commands is not allowed. This will result in more severe punishment.

E. TP trapping, TP killing and pvp
Killing or trapping a player by tp'ing to them or tp'ing them to you is strictly prohibited. This includes traps or lava buckets to kill someone, using water or fishing rods to move someone, teleporting them into a room they can't get out of, teleporting them into lava, ... If both players consent to PVP (make sure you can provide proof) or are in the PVP arena, staff will not interfere. However, tricking players into PVP is also strictly prohibited and will be punished.

F. Griefing
This includes breaking and/or destroying things without consent in claimed areas, surrounding areas of claimed land, building walls around claimed areas, killing mobs (both passive and aggressive) in claimed areas, playing water/lava and stealing items.

Destroying and taking items from unclaimed areas is also not allowed. If you're unsure whether or not a build is abandoned and you want the loot, ask a staff member to look into it for you.

H. Inappropriate builds
Builds containing explicit content (sexual content, racism, discrimination, forbidden symbols, drugs and any other offensive topic) are not allowed. Staff will decide whether or not something can be considered offensive.

I. Farms
Auto farms are allowed, BUT this does not mean you can multiple huge machines next to each other. Keep your farm sizes reasonable or far enough away from each other to prevent issues.

Bypassing the mob limit with portals is NOT allowed (50 mobs per chunk).

If staff finds out that your farm causes lag, we will unfortunately have to ask you to take/scale it down.

J. AFK Timer
Avoiding the AFK timer (water pools, etc...) is NOT allowed. If you get caught doing it anyway, you will receive the appropriate punishment.

3. Mods and Clients

A. Hacking
Hacking is strictly forbidden. This includes hacked clients, texture packs that give you x-ray and auto-clickers.

B. Allowed mods
Lunar client, Optifine, Rei’s Minimap, JourneyMap, VoxelMap, Xaero’s Minimap, any other minimap mod.

C. Disallowed mods
Any hacks/hacked client, advantageous mods and texture packs that give you x-ray vision (including, but not limited to Baritone/Flight, block printing mods, AI control, auto-clickers, …)

If you’re unsure, just ask a staff member!